Protect and Beautify Your Car with Seatcovers

The seats in your car are subjected to a lot of use and abuse during the time that you own your car. If you do not take the necessary steps to protect them, over time they will start to show the wear and tear, making your whole car look shabby. You can stop this from happening and give your car a very personal touch by installing a set of seatcovers from Arizona Seat Covers.

When you browse our online catalog you will find that we carry an amazing selection of different seatcovers for almost every vehicle and any type of seat on the market. You can choose from a variety of colors, patterns and materials for your new seat covers. We offer universal fit as well as custom and full custom fit seat covers for you to choose from at a variety of prices to fit in with your budget.


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Bench Seat Covers

Bench Seat Covers That Fit Right

One of the biggest problems with having a bench seat in your car or truck is the way that the backs of many of them are split. While this done to make them more convenient in cars and SUVs for carrying a load, it can make it very hard to find seat covers that actually fit them properly and look good once they are installed.

At Arizona Seat Covers we are well aware of the fact that some bench seats are split 50/50 while others are split 60/40 on the left or the right. Because of this we offer a complete line of full custom bench seat covers that are tailor made just for the vehicle you own. No more universal seat covers that never fully cover the back of the seat and then get snagged when you have to fold the seat down to carry that oversized load.


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Custom Seat Covers

Add Value to Your Car with Custom Seat Covers

If you have just bought a new car or even a really nice used car, the first thing you should is install a set of custom seat covers. By taking the effort to protect your seats from the moment you buy your car, you are doing yourself a favor. In the life of the average car, the seats tend to take a major beating with wear and tear, not to mention spills all conspiring to make your seats look shabby.

When you install a set of custom seat covers from Arizona Seat Covers you are going to be completely covering the seats with a durable cloth or leather seat cover that has been designed to last for years. We offer a complete line of full custom seat covers that you order by make and model of your vehicle to keep the seats looking like new for when you sell your vehicle.


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Neoprene Seat Covers

Keep the Seats Dry with Neoprene Seat Covers

Every time you take your kids to the beach it always seems like they make sure to get soaked just before it is time to go home. Consequently this means the seats in your car get more than their fair share of being soaked with salt water and covered in sand. This can be very hard on your seats and can easily be avoided by installing a set of neoprene seat covers.

Neoprene seat covers from Arizona Seat Covers are available in universal, custom and full custom fit for a large selection of the cars, vans, trucks and SUVs on the road today. The neoprene material allows the seats to breathe but at the same time keeps the water and dirt from penetrating through to your seats where it can ruin them and significantly affect the resale value of your car.


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Auto Seat Covers

Will Replacement Auto Seat Covers Last?

One question that seems to come up frequently from our customs regarding our auto seat covers is how long they can expect them to last. While we offer a one year warranty against manufacturing defects including the seams and stitching, we can honestly say that as long as you install your new seat covers properly as outlined in the instructions, they will last for far longer.

In order to get the most life from your auto seat covers, you should plan to order our full custom fit sets. These covers from Arizona Seat Covers have been designed specifically to fit the seats in your particular car. They are full fabric all the way around the seat instead of including some stretch fabric such as you will find on the universal sets and fit your seats like a glove. The net result is a stronger seat cover that is going to last you for many years.


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Seat Covers for Cars

Keep that New Car Look with Seat Covers for Cars

When you have kids and buy a new car, you can almost count on them to spill food and drink on your beautiful new seats within the first few days. After this, not only does your new car no longer look new, but it never will again. You can easily prevent this situation from happening as there are seat covers for cars that will protect the seats in your car from your kids.

Nothing makes the inside of a car look worse than having dirty and stained seats. Arizona Seat Covers for cars install in just a few minutes and will help keep your seats looking good for years. With our seat covers, once they get dirty you can remove them from your car and place them in your washing machine to clean them, allow them to air dry and then put them back in place for a fresh new look.


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Seat Covers for Trucks

Extra Strength Seat Covers for Trucks

The average pickup truck sees a much harder life than a car. In many cases the owners of trucks use them for work rather than as a pleasure or family vehicle. This means that every part of the truck is going to be subject to far more wear and tear over a much shorter period of time. To help keep the interior looking good, heavy duty seat covers for trucks are available in a wide range of patterns and colors.

At Arizona Seat Covers we realize the need for extra strong seat covers for trucks and have created a selection just for these vehicles. One of the most popular selections is our range of saddle blanket seat covers. They are available in ten different colors and can be purchased to fit virtually any seat style including those awkward truck splits such as 60-40 and 50-50 to ensure you can protect your seats for many years to come.


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Dash Covers

Keep the Sun at Bay with One of Our Dash Covers

The summer sun is merciless when it comes to the dash pad of your car. If you live in a state like Arizona, the sun will not only dry out the vinyl, it will eventually cause it to crack and fall apart.  Not only does a cracked dash pad detract from the beauty of your car, it can kill the trade in or sale value and this is something that can be avoided by using one of our dash covers.

At Arizona Seat Covers we offer a complete line of dash covers to fit the majority of vehicles on the road today. When you combine one of our dash covers with a set of custom seat covers, you will be doing the best thing you can do to keep the interior of your car looking as good as the day you first drove it off the lot.

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Leather Seat Covers

Protect Your Leather Seat Covers

Who doesn’t love the luxurious feel of real leather seat covers? Many top of the line car models come equipped with leather seats from the factory and while these can be absolutely beautiful and a pleasure to sit in, they are not particularly kid friendly. It is not that they are uncomfortable for kids to sit in; it is more that if your kids are like most, they tend to spill things and make a mess in the car.

Like any other type of seat covers leather does not do well with spills and stains, but leather is far more difficult and expensive to clean. On top of which if you allow the leather seat covers in your car to become stained and damaged, it can significantly affect the resale value of your car. The best way to protect the leather seats in your car is with a set of color coordinated cloth seat covers from Arizona Seat Covers.


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Truck Seat Covers


Protecting your New Truck with Seat Covers

 When you first buy a new truck it looks beautiful, you marvel at the newness of it and enjoy the seats that are both comfortable and spotlessly clean. A few years from now however your seats will not look as nice as they do now, making it imperative that you do what you can to protect them now before they have the chance to become worn or stained. Truck seat covers can help protect your truck from the damage of time and use keeping it in good condition.

Not only can truck seat covers keep your seats looking good but it can increase the resale value of your truck by keeping them in new condition. Truck seat covers protect the fabric of your seats keeping it from getting stained and worn and will contribute to the value of your truck once you decide to use it for a trade in. Visit us at Arizona Seat Covers to browse our wide selection of truck seat covers for your new truck.

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